Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's 60 degrees out. I'm happy. Apple's new Ipad is coming out this weekend. Finally, now I can stop hearing about it. I hate this thing, it's a big Iphone or Itouch, why would anyone want this. How are you supposed to carry it anyway? I get worried with my Ipod, I can't imagine carrying around a screen 5times the size. Not to mention theres no usb, no keyboard, no camera, you cant hookup your ipod to it, can't play flash drive and you have to pay a monthly fee to use the internet. Remind me again why this is "going to change the computer world". I can't wait to see it flop.

I sound like a big apple hater, but I'm not. I love my Ipod, but for some reason this new tablet makes me want to scream. Maybe I'm wrong but I just needed to vent. ALSO! Google has officially changed its name, WHY WHY WHY! Check here to read their blog about the new name, TOPEKA. On second thought, might be an April Fools Joke, good one google ;)

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