Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Nails

Ever since receiving a nail polish kit as a secret santa present in high school, I've been obsessed with having my nails painted. I don't feel as put together when I don't have nail polish on my fingers. I prefer short, square nails on my own hands but I'm not against other shapes and lengths on other people. As long as your nails arn't a foot long. There are a few trends for this summer that I am loving:

 1. Nude by Chanel I know peach and nude are this seasons must have color for clothes but they are also great on nails. ( 503 Inattendu, 505 Particuliere, 507 Tendresse
    2. Pastel by Essie The spring collection is a lot of pastels and I'm loving the purpley hue. (Lilacism, Neo-Whimscial, Pop Art Pink)

3. Bright by OPI These 3 come from a collection called Hong Kong, new for this Spring. All of the colors are bright and fun. (Hot and Spicy, Dim Sum Plum, Jade is the New Black)


  1. These are so pretty and I don't feel as put together without my nails done either :) xx

  2. oooh my, totally love the chanel set! I have the black satin and rouge noir from chanel, definitely not ideal summer colors! Need to stock up on nudes!

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